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Liuna Laborers' Local 41


Attached below, for the convenience of our signatory contractors, are some of the forms our contractors need on occasion. Please note those working under the Heavy and Highway Contract only need to use Form B. Industrial and Commercial Contractors  need to use all 3 forms (A, B, C) but should only report pension contributions on Form A and should disregard the pension contribution line on Form B.

Directions for Form A & Form B
Form A – Employer Contribution Report (Bldg. Pension, BCRC, Voluntary Political Contributions)
Form B – Employer Monthly Remittance Form (Health, Welfare, Training, Dues, Pension, etc.)

Directions for Form C & Form D
Form C – Industrial Building Annuity Contributions
Form D – Commercial Building, RTOA, Ground Maintenance, Fencing Annuity Contributions

The Laborers-Employers Cooperation Education Trust (LECET) has developed the Business Advantage  Program to assist signatory contractors in bidding, tracking  and securing projects of interest to them. The Contractor profile provides LECET with specific information regarding the contractors’ project interests. Contractors can enroll in the program at www.lecet.org and select “Contractors” under the “Power of Partnership” tab at the top of the Home Page or click here to begin entering your company’s profile now.